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original art at affordable prices

Thanks for visiting!

Welcome to my website. Use the slideshow above to have a quick look at some of my work or go to the GALLERY to see everything.

My paintings represent places I have been that I find inspiring. My main interest is in land and seascapes. Much of my work is drawn from my home county of Hampshire plus my favourite coast line in Dorset. Other works are inspired by travelling further afield. I am especially interested in how the interaction between the natural environment and mankind’s influence upon it, leads to an amazing variety of shape, colour, light and shade. More recently I have been experimenting with paintings of natural forms such as flowers, fruit and wood.

I work in a variety of media including acrylic paints, acrylic inks and digital media. I have a range of work available for sale including original paintings; limited edition, high quality prints; box canvas prints; and art greetings cards. Please browse and email me if you wish to make a purchase or go to my WEBSTORE to buy a bargain.

Land & Seascapes

Click on the picture to go to the gallery


Click on the picture to go to the gallery

Flowers and Friut

Click on the picture to go to the gallery